Summer Internships & Industrial Training 2015 - B.Tech

More than just an Summer Internship in Jaipur- First Key Step towards Success

Linux World Informatics Pvt Ltd announces Summer Internship and Industrial Training Programs for the students of BE and B.Tech. Knowing the importance of summer training and industrial training in the curriculum, we tailor or training programs in such a way that enrich the students with practical know how and conceptual learning. The training programs are offered for the students of Computer Science, Information Technology and other streams of engineering. Core technologies covered in the Summer Internship Program in Jaipur are Hadoop Big Data, Cloud Computing, Python Programming and many more. The different training sessions are offered for 4 weeks / 6 weeks / 2 months and 6 months.

Opportunities for Trainees during Summer Internship / Training Jaipur at
LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd
For the interns, the 4-6 weeks of internship helps to develop professional as well as social talents.

  • Interns contribute, learn, work on live and real projects.
  • Get access to valuable resources - human as well as technological.
  • Help network, establish rapport for future career prospects.
  • Experience complements further course of study.
  • Helps understand reality of course of study.
  • Helps evaluate and determine future course of action.
  • Get advice on career subjects from knowledgeable & experienced professionals.
  • Gain exposure to a professional work atmosphere
We accept interns at various levels in their academic life: from undergraduate students BE/B.Tech to PhD candidates and from all over the India.
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator & Certified Engineer (RHCSA - RHCE)
  • Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS)
  • Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures : CEH (EC - Council) and ECSA
  • Web Application Development - PHP / JSP / ASP.NET
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) - R&S and Security
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) - R&S and Security
  • Bash Shell / Perl / Python Scripting
  • RedHat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Firewall / IDS / IPS Security
  • Back Track Linux Security
  • DataBase Management - MySQL and Oracle (OCA / OCP)
  • Java Core and Advance Programming
  • Mobile Apps - Android / iPhone Application Development
  • .NET Platform

Candidates pursuing either BTech from any IIT / NIT's

Candidates pursuing either BTech / BE from Any Recognized University


STEP I: Depending upon the area of interest, a candidate can opt for either one of the mentioned projects in "Project Offered" Tab. The summer internship training will be imparted on the technologies used in respective projects in order to complete the project effectively and efficiently. The candidate need to mention the Project Code & its Name in Summer Internship 2015 Application Form

STEP II: On receipt of selection of the project from your end, the details pertaining to the same i.e. the specified duration, usage of technologies, associated global trainings, training fees, etc will be mailed to you.

STEP III: Last Date of Receipt of Mail (Selection of Project) : Will be mentioned in the Mail

STEP IV: Procedure to be followed in order to proceed ahead of STEP II will be intimated in the upcoming mails after Submission of Application Form.

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LinuxWorld's Summer Internship in India / Summer Training for Engineering Students / B Tech Internship for IT students invites applications from students interested in all areas of Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics & Communication and related fields at our location in Jaipur. We are seeking highly motivated students, who are interested in experiencing an exciting summer of learning and research with our summer internships for engineering students. Our Intership Programs in India have served computer science interns since 2005. We are known as on of the top rank companies for summer internship among the companies providing summer internship in Jaipur.

Click Here to Apply: Summer Training 2015 Application Form (read "How to Apply" tab before click)

Company Internal Projects for Intern:

Project Code Project Title IIT / NIT Seats Other Univ Seats Major Technology Involved
BIN-15-099 High Performance Distributed Computing Implements for BIG DATA using Hadoop Framework and running applications on large clusters - Super Computing 15 30 Big Data-Hadoop, Map Reduce, Sqoop, Hive, Pig, Hbase, ZooKeeper, CGI or TUI interface ,HDFS , Distributed Computing RedHat Linux Server, Security Shell / Python Program
BIN-15-100 Automate Deployment of Cloud Computing and Virtualization on RedHat Linux System Using Shell Scripting / Python : Own Data Center Cloud 15 30 AWS, Cloud Computing Unit, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Storage As-a service, Virtualization-KVM, Linux, CGI, Socket Programming, TUI development, DB embed RedHat Linux Server, Security Shell / Python Program
BIN-15-101 XAMP-Web Application Development Using PHP with Security Threat Prevention ( On Linux & Windows both ) 15 20 PHP / DB MySQL / Ajax
HTML / CSS / JS / Jquery
Web Apps Attacks Vector- XSS/CSRF/SQL Injection,..
BIN-15-102 Control Server & Security on RedHat Linux using PHP Web Application with Security Threat Prevention 10 15 RedHat Linux Server, Security
PHP / DB MySQL / Ajax
HTML / CSS / JS / Jquery
Security Apps / Web Security / Web Apps Attacks Vector- XSS/CSRF/SQL Injection..
BIN-15-103 Cisco Networking Design and Deployment with High-Level Redundancy Using Emulator GNS3 upon Real Devices and L2 Frame Relay Switch 15 30 Cisco Networking , Security
Router & Switches , WAN
Frame Relay Switch, Tshoot Aggregation Protocol : PAgP and LACP / IPv6 Routing / Ether Channel
BIN-15-104 Cisco and RedHat Linux Network Infrastructure Design and Deployment with High-Level Redundancy Using Emulator GNS3 upon Cisco Real Devices and L2 Frame Relay Switch and RedHat Live Server with Auto Configuration Using Shell Scripting or Python Based TUI or CGI Programming 10 15 Cisco Networking , Security
RedHat (RHEL) & Fedora
Router & Switches , WAN
Frame Relay Switch, Tshoot Aggregation Protocol : PAgP and LACP / IPv6 Routing / Ether Channel Shell Scripting / Python with Socket Programming SQL , Sqlite, MySQL, Linux Extended File System Eclipse for Python (Pydev)
BIN-15-105 Security Exploitation and Penetration Tools Development Using Python / Shell Programming - Hacking 10 15 EC-Council Hacking Python Programming / Shell Scripting, Penetration Testing and Counter measures Web Apps Exploits : XSS/CSRF/SQL Injection/Data Tampering/ Vulnerabilities Research/ Fuzzing
BIN-15-106 Design and Develop Hacking & Linux Privileges Escalation Tools on RedHat Linux Server Using Shell Scripting | Python 5 20 Python Programming / Shell Scripting / Penetration Testing Root Kits/ Botnets / Kernel Exploitations / Web Apps Exploits : XSS/CSRF/SQL Injection/Data Tampering/ Fuzzing Exploit Injector, Sniffer, Server Internal Security, TCP Wrapper,SELinux, Firewall, SUID Attacks
BIN-15-107 Develop Android Apps Using Java Programming for Mobile and Smart Phone Devices 10 15 Android OS and Platform Design Principles / Adv ActionBar / ListViews/ Canvas API / Gesture Detection / Asynchronous Processing Deep Dive / Home Screen Widgets / Open Source Libraries Java Program, Linux OS Eclipse IDE (with the ADT Plugin ) or Android SDK tools or Other FrameWorks
BIN-15-108 Oracle Database Management Project & Interface 10 15 Management Interface / Oracle Tools Package Implement on RedHat / Fedora Linux OS / Microsoft Windows OS
BIN-15-109 Java Core Application Development 10 15 Java Core
Swing Controls with events, Thread, File Handling
IDE : Eclipse/Net beans
BIN-15-110 Enterprise-Class Server-Based Web Application Development Using ASP.NET 10 15 ASP.NET / SQL Server / ADO.NET
HTML / CSS / JS / Ajax
ASP.NET MVC / Visual Studio
BIN-15-111 Web Application Development Using JSP (Java Advance) 10 15 JSP , Java Language MVC Architecture, Servlet, Struts, JSP, Hibernate
IDE - Eclipse/Net beans
BIN-15-112 Speech Control and Voice Recognition to Manage RedHat Linux Server and Security Using Shell Scripting / Python 10 15 RedHat Linux
Shell Scripting / Python
Server and Security
Speech Synthesizer
BIN-15-113 Setup Telephonic Network using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with Asterisk 5 20 VoIP / SIP / PBX / IAX
Open Source Tools / Telephony
Soft Phones / Asterisk / Linux
BIN-15-114 Setup and Configure RedHat Linux System | Server | Security Manually and Automate using Shell Scripting and Python Based TUI or Python Web Based CGI 15 15 RedHat (RHEL) & Fedora (Latest Version) Shell Scripting / Python with Socket Programming SQL , Sqlite, MySQL, Linux Extended File System Eclipse for Python (Pydev)

Click Here to Apply: Summer Training 2015 Application Form (read "How to Apply" tab before click)

  • BTech from IIT / NIT's : 4 weeks / 6 weeks / 2-3 months / 6 months
  • BTech / BE candidates from Other Univ. : 4 weeks / 6 weeks / 2-3 months / 6 months
  • When is the internship for btech students of 2015 batch commencing from? Summer Internship / Training Program 2015 Jaipur, India would be commencing from May / June 2015. The exact start dates would be disclosed depending upon the disclosure of dates from colleges / universities across India. There would be approximately 5 slots scattered over May & June months in order to make it comfortable for each participant to start the training on time.
  • What is the selection criterion for Summer Training 2015 ? As mentioned clearly that we have allocated seats for respective projects. Once the required numbers of seats are fulfilled, the respective project will be closed. Hence students registering first would be allocated the respective seats.
  • What are the last dates of registration for our various SUmmer Internship Programmes in India? Last Date of Registration: 3rd April, 2015. In case, if the seats for respective project are fulfilled then the respective project will be closed much before the last registration date.
  • What if we fulfill the Registration formalities but the summer internship project is already closed, will we be getting the Registration amount refunded back? Yes, if the Registration for a said summer internship project is closed, then the same will be intimated to the respective student and the Registration Amount will be refunded back.
  • What is the duration of the Summer Internship / Training Program 2015 Jaipur, India? Duration: 4 weeks / 6 weeks / 2-3 months / 6 months depending upon the official curriculum declared by the college / university applicable on the respective candidate.
  • Is there any accommodation facility available for students? There are approximately 5 / 6 P.G. s and Hostels for males and females at walking distance from our organization. The cost of living ranges between Rs. 3,500 to Rs.5,000 depending upon the facilities available. The cost of the same need to be borne at your end.

Deliverables :

  • Project Certificate from LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd
  • Training Certificate from LinuxWorld : Training & Development Centre : An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization
  • Participation Certificate from RedHat & Cisco System
  • Life Time Support
  • 24 x 7 Lab Facility
  • Comprehensive Study Material for reference
  • Resources / Tools
  • Practical Exposure by getting hands-on experience at our well equipped labs.

Our Summer Training in Jaipur is a unique combination designed as Internship for Computer Science/ IT / Other Engineering Students to include detailed exclusive projects to work upon which would be preceded by an array of deep and informative training on latest technologies. Spend this summer in your choice of 16 internship programs to follow the legacy of Software industry experts who then in their engineering at IITs and NITs trusted us for their summer IT internship programs.

If you are in your second or third year and checking out various programs of internships for engineering students, there are a few things we already know about you. We know that you are ambitious. We know that you take your work seriously. And we know that you have taken the time and money to invest in your future.

And if you are at a top engineering college, you probably know a fair bit about us, too, like who we are, what we do and how important are summer internships for engineering students. So isnt it about time we got to know one another better?

For an opportunity to spend a summer learning and working at LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd with well-experienced and qualified mentors, in an environment devoted exclusively to transcend Technology? The students can visit our Corporate Office for summer internship in Jaipur or email your queries at

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