1. RedHat Certified Tracks

The expertise of my trainer Mr. Vimal Daga Sir to brief the related course topics is excellent. He is having very cool to resolve the queries raised by each and every candidate. The management of Linux World is very helping and cooperative.

- Mr. Ashish Mathur , HP India Sales

One of the best trainer ever I have seen in my life. I would like to use one for trainer according his way of training " Awesome".

- Mr. Navneet Bissa, Lead Engineer,Comviva

The training provided by Sir is superb as well as the way of problem handling/solving. He is always ready to give solution for our problem. The guidance and tips is very very helpful to us to solve paper. Management is nice and helpful.

- Mr. Gaurav Agarwal, Tech support Engineer, IT company

It is my good opportunity and pleasure that I came in Linux World. In Linux World, I got a good and important knowledge and guidance through "Vimal" Sir that will play an important role in my future. I am very thankful to Vimal Sir that he trained me as a good trainer. In his guidance and instruction I can able to create a big and strong position in linux O.S. .I give heartly thanks to Vimal Sir.
Management session was same and very important for me which I got good guidelines by "Preeti" mam. Before attending management tutorial I was very confused in GD and preparing project Report, But after guidelines and instructions of mam , Now I am able to create a good position in any industry . Thank You madam.

- Mr. Amit Kumar Rathore

I am very happy for that I got the Linux World institute for training . The trainer - our Vimal Sir the founder of Linux in jaipur city is very good teacher and a very good person. His behavior and teaching style is also very good. I give the heartly thank you to Dear Sir.
The management of Linux World is also very good. All the staff member and mam is very good. The behaviour of all staff is very good. I learn the new experience from the management class.

- Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Govt. Eng. College, Jhalawar

Its my pleasure that I am the student in LW and taught by Vimal Sir. I want to give thanks to Vimal Sir for the friendly behaviour in the class and for sharing their wide knowledge to us. Another strongly thanks to Vimal Sir for their undocumented commands and tips that are given to us in the class.
I feel lucky to be a trainee under the management of Preeti mam. There is very good management that provide a very good environment to us for studies. Thanks Preeti mam.

- Mr. Farman Ali, GEC Jhalawar

2. PHP – Web Development Tracks

The training was very good, Sir teach and trained me in a good way, I found very easy to learn at LW. Vimal Sir is very good in Nature and knowledge. We get good knowledge by Sir about PHP and programming concept.. I totally satisfied. All staff is very good and helping nature.

- Mr. Ajay Kumar Parashar , Arya College

PHP training was very good. Vimal Sir training was good end to the point, and his nature is very friendly. Class environment is also fantastic. Thank You Vimal Sir for teaching me and today I have complete my summer training of PHP. So overall training was upto my satisfaction.
Management is quite helpful . LW management is very good behalf the other coaching management because every student can interact to you and Preeti Mam and share over problem and he will definitely get something whatever management is best.

- Mr. Ashok Kumar, MAIET- Kota

Our trainer Mr.Vimal Daga is a great source of Knowledge and he teaches very well and he has cleared all the concepts of PHP. It was pleasure studying under him.
Management here in LW has always helped us to solve our problems. They were always there to help whether it was technical problem or notes issue. It was good experience to be here.

- Ms. Rashmi Rathore, JNU

Our trainer Mr. Vimal Daga is a great trainer. He always ready to help students anytime . His way of teaching students is very good with easy examples. Management of LW is always ready to help students. I am happy that I have learnt from this institute.

- Ms. Roshini Vaishnav, JNU

Training with Sir, was very flexible, learning along with fun. The best part of his teaching is the student learns with a smile and no tension. For the first I can say that Yes I am good at coding in PHP . Thanks Sir for your association and guidance.
Management is excellent , no complaints. They cooperated with us everywhere. The style of dealing with students is amazing. Thanks for your support.

- Ms. Divyandivi Chaturvedi, VIT

Our trainer Vimal Sir is very best. He teach very well and clear all concept in class. His teaching techniques is good and he help in my trouble. He support me on work. I feel that I must be trained better by sir. At last I said that I have no word to say about Sir. Sir is brilliant man.
The linux world management is also good. All management member is good and support the student. They care the students facility and provide according student.

- Mr. Naresh Sharma, Apex Institute of Engineering

I would like to thank Mr. Vimal Daga Sir for there such a pleasant support in developing the ideas in our mind. Sir is expert in the field of teaching. I like there teaching style and there way in which Sir taught the topics. I would like to thank Sir.
The management corner was impressive , madam was frank, punctual and supportive. Thank you madam. Enjoyed a lot, Keep Smiling.

- Mr. Abhimanyu,Govt. Eng. College, Jhalawar

Sir teaches very well. The way of teaching and explaining things is different. Overall, a nice experience. Best teacher I have ever come across.
Management is also good knowing the fact that Sir teaches alone. Notes provided are very good and helpful.

- Ms. Karishma Sachdeva, Amity University

Sir, you will give me very lot of knowledge about in PHP and I think my training is very well. I am very happy to join this Linux World because I realize that to make a successful student is made by only by a teacher. I am able to make a good work on PHP by Vimal Daga Sir . Thank You Sir.
For improve the personality of man is possible by the management class and in Linux World I have learn that how can I improve my personality and a good man. Thanks to Preeti man.

- Mr. Gaurav Meena , MITRC Alwar

Teaching Style is Marvelous , Communication Skill is best as well as he is best. I never seen this type of teaching style in whole life. He is overall very good trainer. Here we got lot of technical knowledge by him. You are overall best. THANK YOU
In Management, Help all students here in a equal curriculum. THANK YOU

- Mr. Dhruv Kumar, MITRC Alwar

3. Cisco Certified Tracks

Mr. Vimal Sir is a good trainer. He comes at student level to teach the subject. He takes the example from real life and different field. Thank you Sir. Management is good and very cooperative.

- Mr. Kapil Gupta , Amity University

Vimal Sir is one of the best trainer. I have ever faced or trained under. It always been a fun spending 1 hour in a class with sir and getting trained. Live examples , Real World examples , fully practical based lecture , helped me a lot in getting knowledge with very less pressure or burden. Management is also good. Thank you sir.

- Mr. Kuldeep Mathur

Mr. Vimal Daga is one of the best faculty in Jaipur . His teaching style is very simple and his example of networking is very good. After the study of this course I am feeling confident in Networking.

- Mr. Hariom Awasthi , Assistance Professor, MIET

4. LinuxWorld Capsule Programs

DNS Server went so practical and advanced knowledge as it is more than sufficient in live practical in company. Elaborating of examples is good. Teaching style is practical as based on real life company practical.

- Mr. Amit Kumar Aggarwal , Gyan Vihar University

A DNS class was going on very good. Sir teach us only practical knowledge. It is base on real world live project same as in any MNC company. In one word define is fabulous.

- Mr. Anshul Gupta, Gyan Vihar University

Only one line "The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior as you have done.

- Mr. Rishi Gautam, GECBH

One thing say only – "Good teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason. It's about caring for craft having I passion for it." As you Sir

- Mr. Chandra Prakash , Data Infosys

Vimal Sir, makes any topic easy to understand and implement. Vimal Sir is ROOT Server for client(us). A teacher with great -2 knowledge and behavior. Vimal Sir gives their all knowledge to student. There are no words to describe Vimal Sir.

- Mr. Amit Setia, AIET

The counseling for the course was upto the market standard , language used for teaching was very simple and understood to anyone who ever have zero level knowledge. I find him very Knowledgeable , experienced and technically very correct. For me it was another best experience to have him as teacher. I wish him good luck for his future.

- Mr. Narendra Pratap Singh , Assistant IT – Manager , Rajasthan Patrika

5. Management Sessions

Management sessions by Preeti mam was superb. This is the first platform which give me the opportunity to speak in front of people and also in group discussion. I can not think that a technical institute of very good level, will provide you such a good personality development classes, so this is my good luck that I came to Linux World and I got both the technical and Non-technical Knowledge.
I think there should be a initiative before personality development and English speaking classes from Linux World, because Linux World have a great talent pool like Vimal Sir and Preeti mam. Thanks!!

- Mr. Ambika Pratap Singh, JECRC

I am very thankful to you for our management session. Its very good discussion in GD and an getting so many things or keywords that are used in my career or that are basics of my career. Very thankful you to madam.

- Mr. Farman Ali,Govt. Eng. College, Jhalawar

Management session was very good and knowledge base for me by preeti mam. I felt very lucky to attend this session. Teaching and knowledge is given by mam was very important for me. I get more new and different ideas through GD and about presentation skills that are many important in my career.
I am thankful to preeti mam and I hope that the knowledge given by preeti mam play most important role in my life and finally mam you are so beautiful and good. Thanking You.

- Mr. Amit Kumar Rathore, Govt. Eng. College,Jhalawar

I am very thankful for there last classes of management session. This all classes are very new for me but I get a new experience like I must try the improving myself. Your spoken and presentation style are very good. You are very good observer and a very good teacher. I hope their classes session will help in my next career life. Thank you for all these management session.

- Mr. Mahesh Kumar, Govt. Eng. College,Jhalawar

I have learnt much more knowledge about giving presentation, Project Report etc. Having a nice group discussion with all. Outstanding lecture of preeti mam , a really a good advisor and motivate all for doing better and better. This session will help me in my seminar at college and also in campus recruitment . Really thankful to Linux World for giving me that knowledge.

- Ms. Pranjal Vijay, Govt. Eng. College, Jhalawar

Teaching is very friendly and conceptive and to the point. Useful and important tips are given about presentation skills. Sessions taken was very informative and helpful. Communication skills are very good.

- Mr. Swastik Pareek, SKIT

The management sessions conducted by mam were very effective and beneficial. I am thankful to her for giving us her valuable time, helping us to learn and build confidence. Her way of teaching is very impressive. She always appreciate first then tells our mistakes, that too very politely. She has got her own style of conveying things to the students. I wish I could implement even a little what she said , as it would help me to build my personality.

- Ms. Divyandivi Chaturvedi,VIT


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