Programming with Python - Advance


Due to its power, simplicity, and complete object model, Python has become the scripting language of choice for many large organizations, including Google, Yahoo, and IBM. In Python 3 Essential Training, We will demonstrates how to use Python 3 to create well-designed scripts and maintain existing projects. This course covers the basics of the language syntax and usage, as well as advanced features such as objects, generators, and exceptions. Example projects include a normalized database interface and a complete working CRUD application.

Topics include:
  • A Python 3 quick start for experienced developers
  • Creating functions and objects
  • Using Python’s built-in objects and classes
  • Repeating code with loops and iterators
  • Understanding and using conditional expressions
  • Creating sequences with generators
  • Reusing code with objects and libraries
  • Handling errors with exceptions


The participants should have usage knowledge of Linux and a fair knowledge of using any programming language

Target Audience

The audience for this course includes programmers who want to learn the language and using it to start developing applications.

Duration : 50 hrs ( 2 Month: 1 hrs Daily or 6 Weekends (Sat n Sun) : 4 hrs daily )

Python Advance Training in Jaipur

FB page:- LinuxWorld India

Training Fees for Python - Advance :   12000/-INR

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Course Outline:

  • Classes / Objects
    - Understanding classes and objects
    - Using methods
    - Using object data
    - Understanding inheritance
    - Applying polymorphism to classes
    - Using generators
    - Using decorators
  • Containers
    - Creating Adv sequences with tuples and lists
    - Operating on sequences with built-in methods
    - Organizing data with dictionaries
    - Operating on character data with bytes and byte arrays
  • File I/O
    - Adv File Handling Functions
    - Reading and writing binary files
  • Exceptions
    - Learning how exceptions work in Depth
    - Handling exceptions
    - Raising exceptions
    - Catching exceptions
  • Functions
    - Using named function arguments
    - Returning values from functions and Adv Functions
    - Creating a sequence with a generator function
  • Modules
    - Using standard library modules
    - Finding third-party modules
    - Creating a module
    - How multi-file Python programs can be bundled into packages
  • Reg Expressions
    - Using the re module
    - Searching with regular expressions
    - Replacing with regular expressions
    - Reusing regular expressions with re.compile
    - The match Function
    - The search Function
    - Regular-expression patterns
    - Backreferences
  • CGI Programming
    - What is CGI ?
    - CGI Architecture Diagram
    - HTTP Header
    - CGI Environment Variables
    - GET and POST Methods
    - Using Cookies in CGI
    - File Upload
    - How To Raise a "File Download" Dialog Box
  • DataBase Access
    - Creating a database
    - Creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting records
    - Creating a database object
  • Socket
    - Socket Module and Family
    - Server Socket Methods
    - Client Socket Methods
    - Python Internet modules
    - Python Socket Library and Modules
  • Networking
    - Accessing the Network and Internet
    - Accessing LAN Resources
    - Interacting with Web Pages
    - Connecting to FTP Sites
    - How to fetch Web content by using Python
  • Sending Mail
    - Python Sending Email using SMTP
    - Sending an HTML email using Python
    - Sending Attachements as an e-mail
  • Multi Threading
    - Starting a New Thread with Thread Module
    - The Threading Module
    - Synchronizing Threads
    - Multithreaded Priority Queue
  • GUI Programming
    - Tkinter Programming
    - Creating a Basic GUI application
    - Tkinter Widgets
  • Debugging
    - Dealing with syntax errors
    - Dealing with runtime errors
    - Dealing with logical errors
    - Using unit tests
  • Porting Python Code
    - Python 2 vs Python 3
    - Using the 2to3 Utility
    - Built-in Python 3 utility for performing an "automatic" code conversion


  • Project Certificate by LinuxWorld Informatics pvt. ltd. (only after successful completion of projects)
  • Training Certificate by LinuxWorld - Training & Development Center
  • DVD - Containing Software
  • Extra Software and Tools, if Required
  • Material in Soft and Hard Copy
  • 24 x 7 Wi Fi Enabled Lab Facility
  • Life Time Membership Card
  • Expert faculty having 12 + yrs of industrial exposure
  • Practical Implementation by having hands on experience on live demo and project
  • Job Assistance

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