Programming with Python - Security Expert

Aims to teach you how to apply the powerful Python language to security research, penetration testing and attack automation using a fully hands-on practical approach with a gradual learning curve. This course has something for everyone – from the novice to the expert user!


Python for Hackers and Security Experts


Pentesting by definition is a methology to evaluate computers and network security, emulating the tools and techquics an evil user will use against us. These years there have been many courses and certifications about pentesting techniques and tools. But evil users are always one step ahead. Immunity will provide a training about this method taking the pentester to the next step, teaching how to develop in Python Language new tools to analyze and exploit networks, covering a wide items spectrum including from web hacking to fuzzing. The course will be aim to all those persons interested on information security world, pentesters and system administrators, whom are not conformable with just clicking a tool button and prefer the pro-activity, providing efficiency and audit flexibility


Python Scripting Expert (PSE) is an expertize training programme whicih will help you gain mastery over Python scripting and its application to problems in computer and network security. This course is ideal for penetration testers, security enthusiasts and network administrators who want to learn to automate tasks or go beyond just using ready made tools. We will be covering topics in system security, network security, attacking web applications and services, exploitation techniques, malware and binary analysis and task automation.

A non-exhaustive list of topics to be taught includes:
  • Python Scripting – Language Essentials
  • System Programming and Security
  • Network Security Programming – Sniffers and Packet Injectors
  • Attacking Web Applications
  • Exploitation Techniques
  • Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
  • Attack Task Automation


The participants should have usage knowledge of Linux and a fair knowledge of using any programming language,the course is meant for students who have very little or no programming experience before. We go really slowly on the basics of the language so you can pick up the essential programming skills before venturing to the more difficult modules.Onwards, we concentrate on application of Python programming to the field of computer security.

Target Audience

The audience for this course includes programmers who want to learn the language and using it to start developing applications.

Duration : 25 hrs

1 Month: 1 hrs Daily


3 Weekends (Sat n Sun) : 4 hrs daily

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Python
  • * Syntax * Useful types, lists, arrays, dictionaries, etc. * Sockets and basic network functions, ssl sockets. * Command Line applications * Networking * Introduction to ARP, DNS, DHCP protocols * Introduction to Scapy * Spoofing arp, dns, dhcp * Sniffing, package filters * Network Scanning
  • Python Scripting – Language Essentials
  • * Introduction to Interpreted Languages and Python * Data Types and variables * Operators and Expressions * Program Structure and Control * Functions and Functional Programming * Classes, Objects and other OOPS concepts * Modules, Packages and Distribution * Python in Linux and Unixes * Python in Windows
  • System Programming and Security
  • * I/O in Python * File and Directory Access * Multithreading and Concurrency * Inter Process Communication (IPC) * Permissions and Controls * Case Studies
  • Network Security Programming – Sniffers and Packet Injectors
  • * Raw Socket basics * Socket Libraries and Functionality * Programming Servers and Clients * Programming Wired and Wireless Sniffers * Programming arbitrary packet injectors * PCAP file parsing and analysis * Case Studies
  • Fuzzing
  • * File Format fuzzing * Network Fuzzing
  • Web Application Security
  • * Web Servers and Client scripting * Web Application Fuzzers * Scraping Web Applications – HTML and XML file analysis * Web Browser Emulation * Attacking Web Services * Application Proxies and Data Mangling * Automation of attacks such as SQL Injection, XSS etc. * Case Studies
  • Exploitation Techniques
  • * Exploit Development techniques * Immunity Debuggers and Libs * Writing plugins in Python * Binary data analysis * Exploit analysis Automation * Case Studies
  • Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering
  • * Process Debugging basics * Pydbg and its applications * Analyzing live applications * Setting breakpoints, reading memory etc. * In-memory modifications and patching * Case Studies
  • Attack Task Automation
  • * Task Automation with Python * Libraries and Applications * Case Studies * Lab Exercises


  • Training Certificate
  • Project Certificate
  • DVD - Linux OS
  • Extra Software for Tech.
  • Life Time Membership Card


  • 24 x 7 Wi Fi Enabled Lab Facility
  • Life Time Membership Card
  • Expert faculty having 10 + yrs of industrial exposure
  • Practical Implementation by having hands on experience on live project
  • Job Assistance

Further Information

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